Sunday, 11 January 2015

Be more dog.

On the UK TV at the moment one of the mobile phone networks is running a campaign where a cat explains that he has become "more dog". The idea being that dogs have more fun than cats. I am not sure that I get the advert and I think that my cats may disagree, however there is something to be said for being "more dog".

I have a black and tan mongrel who I have mentioned before. This morning I was woken up by a cold nose being pressed against mine and opened my eyes to find myself looking into a pair of almond shaped brown ones filled with all the excitement of a three year old on Christmas morning. For her it was a NEW DAY and that means breakfast and a walk. Nothing else troubles her little mind, she does not worry what tomorrow, next week, next month may bring; today is sufficient.

When I look back over the last twelve months I realise that almost everything I worried about either did not happen or turned out ok in the end. Now I am not saying that I will stop dealing with things and planning for the future but I intend to try and become a little "more dog" and just accept that todays troubles are enough to deal with without adding ones that have not or may not happen.

Not easy I know, but worth a try.

Now where did I leave that bone?

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