Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Resolution is not for me.

Resolution is not a lovely word.

If it was able to walk, I can see it sludging along the road with teenage attitude. (Yes I may have invented a word...)

A re-solution. Nah. Not for me thank you kindly.

It somehow smacks of duty and negativity and we are really after something inspiring, something that dances, something that makes your insides go "AWYEAH" (that's "OHYES" for anyone who isn't Scottish).

And in any case, I just don't feel like starting afresh on the first day of the year.

That makes me feel free. Shrug off the 'new year resolution' mantle and release from "will", "try", "hope to", "can't", "should", "must", and all the others. Us LowLifes are constantly battling and running with change. We assess and reassess our feelings, attitudes, responses and actions on a daily basis, maybe hourly, perhaps every ten minutes and sometimes in the same thought and on either side of a doughnut! Why would we throw another tractor tyre onto the pile for our personal Strongest Man competition?

Be free my friends. Be.

Because when we are ready to make our next move in our little tete-a-tete with this unwelcoming, hostile and rigorous attack from our black dogs, our shadows, our scary monsters, our illnesses...we will. January has nothing to do with it.

Be free my friends and just keep putting one foot in front of the other. If you step back, it's not a fail, it's a dance move and, from there, there is a natural momentum to go forward again.

Much love from

Dances With Wolves in the room above the garage.
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