Friday, 26 December 2014

It pays to play.

Recently I was driving to college and I suddenly realised that I was feeling happy. Not laugh out loud happy, but that I had a deep contentment that I had not felt for many years.

I started to try and work out why I felt like this. I realized that it was because I had spent the morning playing with mud and that I had been covered in it and I didn't care.

It took me back to my childhood where, as a tomboy, I would spend many happy hours climbing trees, scrambling through woods and making mud "casseroles" out of mud, leaves and grass.

On my favourite website ( someone posed a question recently about how they could stop their 11 year old from playing with childish toys and "grow up". I was pleased to see that all the answers were along the line of why?? Play is so important to us. We learn new experiences and/or we have a chance to get away from our cares and concerns for a while. I think that it is important not to lose ourselves too much in being the "adult" and give ourselves a break once in a while.

Oh, and if you are wondering what on earth I was doing playing with mud - I was processing it in to usable clay for an art project, but by the time I had finished I had mud on me, the patio, the path and over a lot of the plants in the garden as well... It was Sooo much fun!

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