Thursday, 18 December 2014

A Community of Support.

I missed last week as things weren’t good,
I lost my way inside.
I still get tripped and fall at times,
I then go off and hide.

So many thoughts go through my head,
And I live in the past and future.
I cannot seem to touch the ‘present’,
To go inside to nurture.

I was touched by the comments from my previous blog,
From my hurt and loss in Spain.
Such caring humanity and searching words
Both with and without a name.

What can I say that binds us all?
What can I write to show?
That if we are courageous and vulnerable,
A path to balance can flow.

I know I stop looking, I know I stop reading,
In the times when I fall and hurt.
We need to seek out those who support us
And stay away from the ‘curt’.

We each have our individual histories,
And each our singular lives.
So different and so varied
Some heal, some cut like ‘knives’.

So many stories that people offer,
Each with their own fingerprint
Some will touch us more than others,
Some simply nudge with a hint.

It’s the friends we don’t have to fit in with,
That accept us for who we are.
We feel we actually belong with them
They love us from near and far.

The secret is that they love us,
Almost due to our individual ‘faults’,
We really don’t have to fit,
And fulfil the societal ‘oughts’.

Moodscope can also act as a ‘friend’
The community offering thoughts,
They help in the healing process,
And never have to be ‘bought’.

Are we open to learning? Are we open to change?
Or do we look elsewhere, week after week?
Are we seeking outside what is within range?
Or is it inside us that we need to seek?

What thoughts, if any, emerge from this for you?
Who can you discuss them with?

A Moodscope member.