Monday, 8 September 2014


I have been having regular counselling sessions for the past five months whilst I have been going through a separation from my husband after an 18 year relationship. My weekly counselling sessions normally see me leave with something to do at home. Whether it's a task, something to read or listen to. I have tried most things that I have been given and some have worked for me more than others. I know the ones that have worked because they are the ones that I am drawn back to time and again. My two favourites that keep me going are:

Journal keeping: I started to keep a journal a couple of months ago and find this useful for a number of reasons. It's an outlet where I can write down my thoughts and this seems to stop them going round and round in my head. I can look back over what I have written and this helps me to track my moods, recognise progress and patterns. Writing is also something I personally enjoy and I am finding that it has ignited a renewed enthusiasm for a passion, which in turn is helping me to feel happier about myself as I am experiencing excitement, for the first time in a long time.

Affirmations: I have developed a love of collecting positive affirmations that help keep me focused on my goals, keep me feeling positive, help to give me strength and hope. I enjoy searching for inspirational quotes that I can call upon when I am feeling low or anxious or questioning myself. They also provide clues as to where I am in my journey which is a good way for me to assess where I am at, how I am feeling etc. My current favourite is "you are confined only by the walls you build yourself". This reminds me that I am in control.

What strategies are working for you?

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