Sunday, 28 September 2014

Keep in touch - it's easier than ever.

My best friend has recently moved to London following a job offer.

We were room mates for 4 years around 14 years ago, until he moved to another city. Accepting this change was very difficult for me at the time and I missed him quite often.

My first reaction to the news he was moving to another country, was a wave of despair. We'll be even more separated, we'll have even fewer chances to spend time together. Then I thought that although we hadn't been room mates for many years, it didn't end our friendship.

Another more important observation is that living apart from him didn't prove to be impossible. I built a career, start a family. I've had my fair share of small and big successes.

So anyway, I just called him. We talked for over half an hour. It made my day.

Before I reached for my phone I had a long internal monologue: "What if he's busy and doesn't have the time to talk? What if doesn't answer the phone? What if he's in company and can't excuse himself to talk to me?" All those fears obviously proved to be insubstantial. Once I dialled the number our chat flowed most naturally, and all my gloom melted away.

The moral of the story: try to be more proactive about keeping in touch with your loved ones, it will make you feel great and it's now easier than ever.

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