Sunday, 3 August 2014

Recording the Good Days.

Sometimes I don't record my score.

This is usually at the weekend, and often when I am happy. And because good feelings are hard to keep hold of, those good days are forgotten very quickly.

At work I like logging in to Moodscope first thing to read the blog through then record my score and mentally warm up for the day ahead. However if I'm not at work or I have a lot to do, I won't record my score.

There are a few reasons why I do this:

I simply forget because I'm away from a computer.
I'm busy and have lots to be getting on with.
I don't want to take the test because I am happy and don't want to be reminded of     being depressed.

Then my graph is out of shape because the data is incomplete. Potentially if I'm having a miserable time of it I could look at my graph and see all those happy day dots and know that it hasn't been all bad and that it will be good again. Instead I see only the not so happy times and use that to feed the monster of depression inside me.

I really hope the hardworking guys at Moodscope are working on an app, maybe even with a little reminder popping up on my phone to encourage me to take my score (that can be turned off as well!)? Also the app could store my score when I am on holiday (without internet connection!) and load it back up when I am home, so I can always have my good days with me.

But until then I will try harder to record the good days, and the good thoughts too.

A Moodscope member.