Friday, 1 August 2014

Don't Panic!

My scruffy back garden was yesterday visited by a dainty young fox.

She trod back up the steps in almost uneasy haste, finding there was no way out.

However she didn't panic, but just kept her cool, and didn't miss one garden step.

We are prone to panic sometimes, aren't we? (Do you remember "Dad's Army": "Don't Panic, Mr Mannering! Don't Panic!")

This is quite natural at times – however we tend to go into 'panic-mode', as I title it, perhaps too readily.  I believe that recognising we are gearing into this state could be one of our little talents.

One method I find is to realise that most things are not immediately essential, although it may feel, at the moment of thinking of them, that they are… so: don't panic; "Just Cool It, Man."

We could be more like that fox, and less like a scared rabbit.

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