Saturday, 30 August 2014

Community spirit.

Where I come from, we have experienced one of nature's wonders.

Nearly four years ago the first of thousands of earthquakes occurred in the early hours of the morning of a beautiful day.

After the terrifying wake up, we all counted our blessings to be still alive, and it was mainly chimneys that came down, though some magnificent old brick mansions crumbled spectacularly.

Months later the seismic action finally drew to a halt. But it was a false calm as it turned out.

The next big one hit just before 1pm on a workday. Our city and surrounds were already so shaken that the effect was instant. When I scrambled out into the daylight, the air was white with the dust of a totally collapsed historic stone church. Men were inside attempting to save the organ. This time there were deaths.

We never returned to that office and now like most of the city's buildings, it is gone.
And yet we cannot explain, the community that has arisen from this terrible experience.

While seemingly insurmountable hurdles have been put in front of us, people have come from all over the world, to be part of the spirit which now exists.

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