Thursday, 17 July 2014

Young girl crying.

All too often we may find ourselves feeling lonely and all alone - or we view or feel  through a song or film, something that stirs something in us.

Many of us know that feeling and being trapped in it - even although we are desperate to find some connection and communication through a social interaction.

Many of the blogs written help us feel connected, or as Trisha stated in her comments last week - she no longer 'felt alone' and it enabled her to 'feel'.

As I had recovered enough to come home last week to the house my children grew up in, next to their village primary school, needless to say I was struggling after staying with wonderful friends.

I managed to go out of the door a few times into the garden but not actually out of the gate, which adjoins the primary school, until I heard deep sobbing.

It was a 10 year old, sitting alone in a concealed corner sobbing her heart out.

It reminded me of my daughter, who I have not seen in 6 years since my wife left, but first my heart went out to this poor child and I walked over to see if I could console her.

When I came back in I sat down and and wrote this poem. I rarely change words, they simply flow intuitively.

Can you 'feel' her? Where does it take you if you sit with your feelings at the end of it..?

I saw a young girl crying,
On the back of the Primary school.
It struck into my heart,
How life can be so cruel.

I thought of my daughter,
Who sat there years before.
Right next to our home,
50 metres from the door.

I haven't seen my Ria,
In over 6 years now.
I saw this young girl crying,
What can I do somehow?

My heart bleeds for people,
Who sometimes cannot see.
How they are going to get through,
To be all that they can be.

We are just the same as adults,
As we often sit alone.
Trying to make sense,
Of what and where is 'home'.

So many minds,
Struggling to get through.
What life throws them,
Likely, one of them is you.

Yet another day,
Passes through and goes.
Yet another week,
Flashes past and shows.

How many are weeping,
Inside ourselves  for hope.
How many are keeping,
Their emotions in to cope.

That young girl sitting crying,
Alone and hidden from sight.
How many of us are hoping,
Day will turn to night?

Les (Not Lex - an error!)
A Moodscope member.