Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Self Soothing.

Here is a useful tool to keep in your tool box. Like most new skills it needs regular practise and frequent use to stop it becoming forgotten and rusty.

Imagine talking directly to your soul; your innermost core. Ask what it really wants and needs. I guess your answers may be similar to mine some of the time. This afternoon I feel empty and isolated despite having a loving partner and family. My soul needs comfort, warmth, reassurance and a small space just to be still.

Self- soothing is about recognising and allowing your emotional needs to be important and acting on that to care for yourself.

I have an image of wrapping my soul in a blanket, of bathing it and nourishing it and respecting it. Sometimes it needs a dose of steely determination to complete a long walk or to ride out a panic attack. At other times it needs nudging out of self-pity with a wry dose of humour. When I am really overwhelmed with life I try to pour a feeling of peace into my soul. I keep reminding myself to do this; giving myself repeated doses. Sometimes it helps quite a lot.

Today I am acknowledging and acting on my emptiness and isolation. I have made a huge mug of hot milky coffee, wrapped myself in a fluffy blanket and am reading a good book; a warm easy happy novel.

Is this incredibly selfish or self-soothing? The answer is probably both. I know it helps when I am able to do it.

Maybe you too could ask your soul what it needs and then sooth it, feed it and bathe it too.

A Moodscope member.