Monday, 16 June 2014

Thanks for always being there.

Over the last few weeks or more, life events have taken over my home life, my routine (which I need to keep to), my work, my ability to feel in control and at points, the most important thing to me - my parenting ability (which I am very hard on myself about).

I feel dragged down, tired when I've slept, hungry when I've eaten, nothing seems to be lifting me.

So far, this year has mainly brought me bad news, ill health, death, stress and trauma. I haven't had any time to 'work' on myself. Even my Moodscope daily emails have been skipped until a later date as I have felt so overwhelmed.

Until now, as my poorly princess is still asleep I'm trying to be quiet and I'm bored of Facebook, so I thought I'd make better use of this quiet time and read all my unread emails from Moodscope.

It's now I wish I had allowed myself 5 minutes each day to read them, as reading these has brought hope back to me.

Today is a new day and refreshed with some new strategies I think and hope it will be a better one. I can't change what life throws at me, but I can change how I deal with it.

Thanks for always being there :-)

A Moodscope member.