Friday, 30 May 2014

Anyone else fed up?

"I'm fed up" I said with teary eyes to my psychologist.

"Well, yes, you do look quite fed up" came the reply.

Then he asked me if it was okay to feel so fed up, given all my symptoms and I agreed it was.

Sometimes you just need to say things are getting you down, tell somebody and have them say back to you that it isn't wrong, that it's understandable.

Do you need to tell somebody you feel fed up, just to get a mental high five from somebody?

I still feel fed up, but sharing it has helped and I feel 1% less fed up, and for now, a 1% reduction is a mountain climbed.

What about reaching out to a moodscope buddy or a friend? Maybe even your GP or a medical professional? Why not give it a try, it may just help.

Have a lovely day.

A Moodscope member.