Thursday, 3 April 2014

Touched by the Emotion.

I am touched by the emotion that was shown,
In response to my words in a personal poem.
We can see how hearts can be open,
The blog is not just a verbal token.

Moodscope is a diverse outlet,
Don't ever dam or doubt it.
To connect your heart and soul,
With a harmonious happy goal.

The writers always do their stuff,
Taking risks with the occasional 'rough'.
To open up their hearts to others,
To lift right off the IQ 'covers'.
To offer some mostly personal tale,
This isn't like a fire damage sale.
It's real and authentic heartfelt  stuff,
Not just written off the cuff.
Often  deep and meaningful,
To hope to  add emotional fuel.
Just a chance to connect and move,
To diminish some pain you can remove.

No ideas of who and where,
Just some words to take you there.
Geographically displaced around the world,
A daily blog to help you unfurl.

 We each take our risk,
Like the first love we just kissed.
To open up and truly show,
What's in our hearts for you, you know.

In the hope it'll touch you from inside,
Where too many stay and mostly hide.
We want to open up the door,
To help lift you off the floor.

To lift you up and hope to see,
There's others out there, other than 'me'.
We need to share our ongoing life,
To diminish and lessen the endless strife.
So to my Moodscope blogging friends,
Let's hope this never ever ends.
To serve this growing community,
To let them live and hopefully see.

They're not alone and all at sea,
They can swim to shore to return to 'be'.
The beautiful soul that was there before,
As they find dry land upon the shore.

I was touched by the emotion that was shown,
In response to my words in a personal poem.
Keep reading the blogs and you will see,
That we all can find, what's inside 'me'.

A Mooodscope member.