Sunday, 9 March 2014

In Praise of Buddies.

Especially mine!

I have a Moodscope buddy and wanted to write about what I see as benefits of having one.

To be honest, I resisted having a buddy for a long time. I didn't want someone checking on me every day and I also thought having someone monitor my card scores would make me answer the cards dishonestly, in a way which wouldn't shock them if it was too low or make them think I was so much better (recovered even!) if my score was high one day.

In other words, I didn't want to have to answer to someone. It was hard enough answering to myself most days and having to explain my complex character, moods etc, was just too much effort.

I am sure there were many other reasons going through my mind when resisting the idea. Many of you might have some.

However one day, I hit on the idea of having my husband as my buddy. Wrong choice! He never looked at my score and I could sense irritation in his manner when an email came through alerting him to my score. So he went. Then I asked a semi friend to be my buddy. She didn't seem to respond at all! Strange. She went too and I decided no buddy.

How wrong could I be.

I am not sure how my buddy and I hooked up. But we did and it has been so beneficial for me and I think her. We don't have to write long emails each day but keep in touch via the messaging system in a smallish box for buddies which Moodscope sets up for you. It can be two words,"good morning!" or a few more, "how are you?" or we can "chat" in a bit more depth.

We both like each other, really like each other. We are quite different in our approaches I feel, but she cheers me up no end with her quirky look on life.

Admittedly I have found a buddy who clicks, who is so good for me, who always and I mean, always, says the right things. She is spot on in her observations. I am so so lucky. I wish she could be all your buddies.

So before you do what I did and reject the idea out of hand, maybe think again. I think having a buddy is a good idea. But what works well for you is the main thing.

A Moodscope member.