Monday, 3 March 2014

Be a tap not a cup.

As one of life's introverts I'm quite a private person so my pool of people to whom I can ask life's challenging questions is quite limited. For now my therapist has taken on this role.

Recently I've focused on love and understanding; what it is and how it feels when it's real. I asked about getting love; the hows and whens. My therapist talked about how it's better to be a tap rather than a cup.

I'm a cup, I'm empty and looking for someone to fill me up, to fill my sense of lacking. My therapist's advice is to be the tap, be the person who gives all of the things you want to receive, the giving makes life all the more beautiful.

I've discovered it is easier to like myself when I know I've done a kind or thoughtful thing for another human being. Today I will be going out into the world with the aim of trying to add to the happiness quotient. I'm going to be a tap not a cup.

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