Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Looking for an alternative.

I am reminded of an incident in my late teens/early twenties. I was at my parents house sleeping in my childhood bedroom. In that fuzzy waking moment I could see the top of my chest of drawers and what appeared to be an imperial mint on it. I squinted, trying to make sense – how was it there? Not me. Who could have put it there? It was not a sweet that my family ate. So how come it was there?

Convinced that it was an imperial mint, even though I couldn't work out how it came to be there, I leapt out of bed – only to discover that it was the handle of my hair brush...which I still have.

It reminds me that sometimes in my darker moments I become fixated on an idea, a thought, a feeling; and nothing or no-one can dislodge it for me. And yet, often, my nearest and dearest try (often unsuccessfully) to change my thought patterns.

So, what thoughts are dominating you today?

What alternative thought patterns can you apply to your situation? Perhaps by talking about yourself as if you were describing someone else?

For me this would be along the lines of:

"Frankie is feeling low today; she is tired so that is understandable, but she cannot or will not accept that; she feels low and she feels that it is her fault – she feels that she is failing (which she isn't). Frankie needs to accept that sometimes she does feel low, and that is alright...tomorrow is another day and maybe she will feel better then.
It is like the weather; sometimes it is fine, sometimes it rains; and both are alright.

Tomorrow is another day and maybe things will feel different and better.

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