Friday, 7 February 2014

Humans of New York.

I treasure sharing a fleeting moment with a stranger. A giggle on the train, a warm smile, asking someone a question, offering a compliment or a simple exchange of words. I bow as leave a person or salute them. I'm definitely an introvert but find human interaction and contact, with fellow citizens of the planet, an absolute pleasure. Rarely do I feel close to any one person but seem to prefer a general friendliness with everyone.

It's probably for all of the above reasons that I love the blog, Humans of New York (you can follow it on instagram too). HONY is a photographer who goes out each day amidst the hubbub of New York and takes photographs of the people in the Big Apple. What pulls you in though, is the comments made by these people in response to a question the photographer, Brandon, has thrown at them. Many of the comments are so poignant. A pithy statement that can really pack a punch.

I think it's actually the sadness that I'm drawn to. It makes me feel less desolate in my own heart, just like my own wee encounters with strangers. The blog shows old folk to be anything but invisible, young people to be wise, grieving or depressed souls to be beautiful and the frail, strong.

Ah human contact. It's the stuff that makes us feel Hope. Every city ought to have a Brandon. Or maybe, it already does?

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