Thursday, 7 November 2013

Reflect, don't blame.

I have recently started to work for an organisation which has moved away from  the blame culture which is usually quite prevalent in this sector of work. Before I worked for them I worried endlessly about mistakes I had made and what the response would be and at times was tempted to try and cover them up. Also I adopted the same culture and passed it on down to the staff I managed. Working for this organisation has opened my eyes, made me feel more comfortable in my own ability and most importantly has helped me not to over think things. If I make mistakes or perform less well than I would like I reflect on how it could be improved and move on, much more satisfying and empowering. I hasten to add these are not life or death situations!

Be solution focussed and if there is something you cannot change talk to the people who can. If there is no-one who can make the change, learn to accept it and not worry endlessly about it.

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