Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Mood boards.

I love mood-boards! In fact, I'm not sure I could decorate a room without creating a mood-board first. I wouldn't want to.

By collecting bits and bobs that inspire, words that you love, swatches of fabric and paper, postcards and pictures, you can start to build up a collage that reflects the 'feel' you want to create in your room.

Mood-boards excite me, galvanize me and ultimately, influence the way a certain space will turn out. A mood-board doesn't just have to be for decorating rooms though. How about a literal mood-board of ourselves?

It can be a creative, cathartic and fun exercise sticking, pinning and attaching to card (or even a spare wall) things that we love. Paraphernalia that inspires, quotes that move us, pictures that we are drawn to, old photo's we cherish, odds 'n' sods that tug at us for some unknown reason, or the thread of a happy memory, scent or sound jotted down on the board - the list is endless.

Your aim is to end up with something that gives a 'feel' of who you are. Not only will it be pleasurable to the eye (depending on your gluing skills) but it is something tangible that you can go back to time and again, to remind yourself of who you are.

It is, in effect, a piece art, that is authentically you. It may even help influence who you become.

A Moodscope user.