Monday, 26 August 2013

Look Good Feel Better.

There was a post some time ago about the charity Look Good, Feel Better which helps women fight the visible and often distressing side effects of cancer treatment.

What though can we learn from this charity even if we have never experienced cancer? Well think of the truism that is the name of the charity: Look Good‚ Feel Better. It's nothing that we haven't heard before but as we can be leaky vessels we sometimes need a gentle reminder as to what can help keep our mood buoyant. If we are feeling more flat than sparkling, dressing down will not help the effervescence levels rise quickly.

In her book Sunbathing in The Rain, Gwyneth Lewis says: "You are the most important public you will ever have, so dress accordingly. Don't slop down to the post office with your pyjamas on under your trousers. Pick your favourite sweater and put on some lipstick. Why give the office all your best personal resources? Put on a suit to walk into town. Wax those legs, paint those nails!" Gwyneth Lewis was here talking about recovering from a depression but her words ring true for us wherever we are at on the Moodscope scale.

It is thought that wearing makeup (ladies) can actually boost our immune system; because when we look good we really do feel better thus boosting our body's resources. Surely if this is the case, we would all feel healthier if we dressed better than we feel. Why keep clothes or jewellery "for best"? If it makes you feel good then wear it.

A Moodscope user.