Sunday, 30 June 2013

I hear what I'm saying.

Have you ever had the experience of only realising what you really think or feel about something when you hear yourself saying it for the first time?

We often find that our deepest thoughts lurk in the shadows, out of reach, until we are 'forced' to describe them to another person through conversation. In other words, we may need to explain ourselves to someone else in order to become clear in our own minds about our deeper thoughts, feelings, points of view, hopes and ambitions. The act of communicating can be a deeply clarifying experience.

To make it work you need to be as precise and colourful as possible. By challenging yourself to communicate clearly and compellingly you will improve the clarity of your own thinking and beliefs. Don't be theoretical. Use specific examples (stories) to bring what you say to life.

The Moodscope Team