Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Thinking about thanking.

As children we were all taught to say please and thank you, and there's little doubt that a little civility goes a long way in life. Although I try my best to do my bit in this respect, I still sometimes forget the powerful reinforcement that can be added to a simple thank you when it's coupled with some words of explanation.

For instance I could simply say to you, 'Thanks for reading this post.' But mightn't it be better to go a little further? How about, 'Thanks for reading this post, and for taking time out of your busy day to think about it. Knowing you've done this gives me a warm feeling that my work here has all been in a good cause.'? It's better when it's more spelt out, isn't it? Giving to someone else is an excellent fast-track way to feel good yourself, and of course there are plenty of different ways to give. Saying thank you is a nice easy one. Expressing gratitude and putting it in context can go even further. So what do you think? Is today a good one to give thanks?