Monday, 15 April 2013

No distractions.

You know that thing where you're supposed to pat your head while simultaneously rubbing your stomach? I'm not good at it. That's possibly because I'm a 'one thing at a time' kind of guy or - as I'm sure the majority of women would say - a man. Some of us are able to multi-task, while others operate best when they're fully focused on a single objective. But my point today is that when you need to do some proper thinking, it's hard to concentrate with too many distractions around you.

On the train the other day, thanks to two phone conversations going on next to me, I found myself reading the same sentence over and over again, so in the end I got up and found a quieter carriage. Sometimes we all need a little peace, a little solitude, a little quiet time. When you've tracked down a space like this, it's surprising how much it will add to your clarity of thought. Often you'll have to actively seek it out, but it's worth the effort, even if it's not always easy to find.