Friday, 12 April 2013

Moving music.

Coronado Island in Southern California is where 'Some Like It Hot' was filmed in 1959. Part of the County of San Diego, it's connected to the city by a jaw-dropping, vertigo-inducing, bridge that arcs over the bay, and the other day I was instantly transported back there (sadly only in my mind) by nothing more than a song on the radio. If you're not familiar with it, 'Only Human' by The Killers sounds as if it might be a heavy metal blast, but it definitely isn't. I'd certainly include it on my Feelgood List, in fact, and whenever I hear it I'm reminded of it playing on the car stereo as I crossed the bridge a year or two ago. The music plays, and I see what I saw when I was there.

The thing is, music has immense power to take you somewhere other than your current location, and often to move you emotionally just when you weren't expecting it. Most of us have music in the form of CDs (tapes and records even, if you've still a way to play them) knocking around our homes, which we've forgotten all about. Nowadays just about any song you can imagine is on YouTube, too, so you've no excuse. Just like reaching for an aspirin when you've a headache, why not trawl your memories for a tune you associate with good times, and treat yourself to a listen today? A little boogie wouldn't go amiss, either, even if you dance like me.