Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Chance cards.

Have you ever stopped to think how easy it is to get yourself into a rut? To do the same things, in the same way, day in, day out? And to automatically snap back at a reflection like mine that, darn it, that's how life is. A long list of things to do, places to be, routines to be followed. Is that how life is? Well, yes, to some extent. But, no, it needn't always.

The other week my friend Tim and I compared notes about our coming evenings, and we were both going off the beaten track. Not wildly, but enough to have something to look forward to. In Tim's case, a friend was coming over, bringing a meal. He'd no idea what it would be. In mine, I was off to a Film Club evening, to watch whatever happened to be showing. For both of us there was a lot to be got out of leaving things to chance. (Tim got duck รก l'orange. I got 'The Wildest Dream', about the British mountaineer George Mallory.)

At times, life can feel predictable and boring, so is there something you can plan this week to inject a spot of the unexpected? Count to ten as you walk round a library or bookstore, then stop to pick up the first book you set your eyes on. Open your address book at random, and call whoever's name you happen to see. At the supermarket find two unusual items for dinner, whose names start with your initials. Life can be better when some things are left to chance. (By the way, if you attempt the supermarket challenge above, please do yourself a favour and steer clear of the cleaning items aisle.)