Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Pardon me, your mood is showing

We may imagine that, when needed, we're good at disguising how we feel, but the truth is we're often spectacularly bad actors. When I was chatting to a friend recently I explained that I thought my own mood had been 'so-so' of late. Neither particularly but, but not particularly sparkling either. (In passing, I've learned that this often happens and when it does, I simply need to accept it. Life's like that.) What was illuminating, however, was that Ali said she already knew I'd been feeling that way, as it had been showing in my writing, and that came as a surprise to me.

Inevitably, a bit of how I am makes its way into these written thoughts, but on the whole I try to avoid this. They should after all be about how you are, rather than me. The thing is, others can frequently read us like books, especially when they know us well. So maybe we should wear our masks less often, to be more open and honest? Clearly one does this when it's appropriate, and with the people one trusts. However, I think there's big value in letting others in, and your feelings out.