Thursday, 28 March 2013

Mending fences.

When I bumped into a friend recently, it had clearly been one of those days for both of us. I know I was tired, and I suspect he was too, so we ended up having a slightly staccato conversation - one of those unsatisfactory interactions which leaves you feeling a bit regretful. It felt important to repair the damage the following day, so I found an excuse to drop by with some brochures I thought might interested him. This time neither of us was quite so exhausted, and although our chat was only brief, I'm sure we both knew we'd repaired the unease which had resulted from our previous exchange.

Our relationships with others are so important, but just like anything precious they can also be fragile. They benefit from careful handling. They may sometimes need maintenance, and the mending of a friendship is best done with a light touch: when you know something isn't right, so does the other person. Probably no need for an inquest, then, just some appropriately warm words. So are there any bridges which might need building? There's no time like the present to begin the job.