Monday, 11 March 2013

Hitching a ride

Although I generally love it when someone asks me for help, I'm not always the best at requesting it for myself. The other day I found myself leaving some business premises in the middle of nowhere, facing a thirty minute walk to the railway station in the pouring rain. As luck would have it, a woman was just dropping off some ordered food from a takeaway and after weighing up the fact that I didn't want to make her nervous, asked if she'd mind giving me a lift into town.

She didn't think twice, said yes immediately, and within minutes we were on our way while she explained that she was Polish, worked for an Oriental food business and had three children who didn't really like her going out to work. I reckon she enjoyed chatting, and probably felt good that she was helping a fellow human. (Most of the time I count myself as one of those.)

Asking for help isn't a selfish thing to do, because it can give the helper a buzz. And in my case it also got me to the station on time. I'm not necessarily talking about a big 'ask' - just something small. Why not give that a try today?