Saturday, 30 March 2013

Every cloud?

I wonder if you sometimes stop to remember that you often have a choice about the way you react to the events around you? I heard from good friends yesterday that the landlord of the flat they've happily rented for eight years needs them to move on. He has good reasons, which they understand, but what's interesting to me is the way in which they've chosen to view this as a positive event. Instead of worrying about the hassles that will inevitably head their way, they're seeing it as an opportunity to find a new place with fresh possibilities.

You might just have a whole day today when not one single thing goes wrong, in which case congratulations. Truly. But things aren't generally like this in the real world. More often than not, you do have the option to react to problems in the way of your choice, however. So how about experimenting today by looking for the positive side to life's little snarl-ups? Of course there might not always be one. But isn't it worth at least investigating?