Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Awfully quiet out there.

It can take a change of routine to remind you about the important things in life. During a week house-sitting for friends, I realised with a jolt that aside from one brief conversation with a woman who knocked at the door to collect the parish magazine subscription, I'd not actually talked to anyone for one whole day. What a weird feeling: I hadn't even spoken to anyone on the phone. What's most foolish is that when I went to the supermarket at lunchtime I even took my shopping through the self-service checkout, missing out on exchanging a few words with another human being at the register.

Although I don't spend all my time engaged in deep meaningful conversation, I realised that I do generally pass the time of day with quite a few people. Not being able to do so left me feeling isolated and, yes, a bit glum. Maybe you find yourself in this situation occasionally, or even frequently? If so, do try to make the most of the smallest opportunities for social interaction. The briefest exchange can give you a boost, and it generally does the other person good too. When you're feeling alone, please avoid the self-service checkout.