Sunday, 3 March 2013

A yearning for learning

Can you think back to identify a teacher who made a particularly big impression on you? The chances are that he or she was someone who made learning feel easy, who inspired you, who gave you the appetite to pick up new skills and acquire new knowledge. When it comes in the right shape and form, learning can be enormous fun.

So when was the last time you learnt something new? And more importantly when's the next time going to be? For me, every day with Moodscope is filled with learning, especially recently as I've explored ways to bring data to life using charts, graphs and visuals. Needing help, I've had excellent mentoring from a friend who is an expert in the field. He generously didn't laugh at my early efforts, and equally kept me on my toes as I became (I hope) a little more accomplished. Learning can be great for your self-confidence. It can be fun. And it's a tremendous way to give yourself a boost. So what would love to learn, and when are you going to start?