Saturday, 2 February 2013

Moving on Moodscope.

Three Thursdays ago I asked for your thoughts about Moodscope. As ever, our Moodscopers responded in droves. In fact well over fifteen hundred survey forms were completed, thank you. While most of its questions were multiple-choice, a couple were open-ended, and if I tell you that just one of these produced over fifty pages of densely-typed responses, you'll have an idea of the slightly formidable task we face in following up this abundance of suggestions.

Perhaps even more galling is having to admit that we've a list of hundreds (hundreds!) of people to whom our members want to introduce us, as they're folk they think could help us. Why should this be galling? Quite simply we're a tiny team with insufficient resource to follow up these amazing offers anything like as quickly as we should. It makes me feel bad that we asked for help, then have drowned a bit under a tsunami of generous responses.

The first thing to say, therefore, is a big thank-you for recommending so many amazing-looking potential allies and helpers. The second is to ask for your patience while we do our utmost to get back to everyone. I'm afraid it could take a fair time.

And this brings me to my third point. I work on Moodscope full time but spend a substantial proportion of each week writing my daily messages to you. (They began three years ago in February 2010 and there are well over 1,000 messages in the archive.) My dilemma is that I need to work on Moodscope itself to move it on, but while I'm writing most days there's never a proper opportunity to do so.

So here's what we've decided. From now until February 28th we hope you'll permit us to re-run a month's worth of previously published daily messages: a chance for you to re-visit old friends or to catch up with those you may have missed. Importantly, doing so will free me to invest all my time and energy in Moodscope itself - there's work which sorely needs doing.

As ever, we'd love Moodscopers' reflections on each day's posts (via our Blogspot). Since we only introduced the commenting facility just before Christmas, none of February's posts will have been commented on before, so you'll be breaking new ground when you do so. And can I just say that we LOVE it when Moodscopers talk to each other through the comments. It gives us the biggest kick.

Thank you for your understanding while this happens. Right, time for me to get to work.