Sunday, 17 February 2013

Moods are like seasons.

Up here in the northern hemisphere it's still winter, but we're already starting to get the occasional spring-like day.

There's something about a sunny day, about seeing green shoots starting to push their way out again, about the sound of children's excited voices, which can warm even the chilliest heart.

And even when it's still depressingly cold and wintry outside, the sheer knowledge that better times are ahead is enough to keep us going.

If this is true of our feelings about the weather, I think it can also apply to our moods.

Very few people are on top form every single day. It's entirely human to have good days and bad.

But just as we know that winter days will turn into spring (and then summer) ones, it's definitely worth remembering that our days of low mood will almost certainly become happier ones in the course of time.

Just as the seasons change, mood also seems to ebb and flow in a gradual way, so it's probably not appropriate to expect miraculous improvements overnight.

The better days will come though.