Monday, 25 February 2013

Help for helpers.

All too often those who need help the most aren't the ones who get it.

I had a thought-provoking conversation the other day with a man whose father was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer's. His mother now finds herself in the position of chief carer.

Almost certainly, what little help that may be available from the system will go the father, but what about the effect his illness will have on his wife? What help will she get?

I suspect we both know the answer to that one. But the point made by the man I was talking to was that Moodscope could actually be a very useful tool for his mother. Although her mood is very likely to be affected her husband's illness, she may not often be asked how she is.

There will often be a presumption that someone in her position will be stoic, dealing with all that's thrown at her without a murmur.

Moodscope of course isn't solely for those who have low mood themselves. Its buddying aspect can help anyone who could so with a little extra support when the going gets tough.

If you know someone in this position please tell them about Moodscope. Suggest they take a look at it. Maybe even offer to buddy them.

It could prove to be exactly the help they need.