Sunday, 24 February 2013

Get making.

When did you last make something? (A fuss doesn't count, nor does a bed.)

I'm talking about physically assembling something. Putting together the pieces that are needed to create something new. Bringing something to life.

Your grandparents wouldn't believe the world you live in, where food often comes pre-prepared - sometimes even pre-cooked. Where you don't buy coat-hooks at the hardware store, but instead take home a mounting panel with the hooks already attached to it.

We're not even very likely to make our own entertainment, resorting instead to sitting in front of the TV.

Yet when we do actually make something ourselves, there can be a tremendous rush of pleasure, even if the result isn't always completely perfect.

Of course it takes longer to make something than it does to buy it already made. And thanks to weird economies of scale that I don't always get, it can even cost you more to buy the parts or ingredients than it would set you back to purchase something already finished.

But nothing can replace the sheer pleasure of baking a cake or a loaf of bread. Of building some bookshelves. Of creating a hand-made greetings card for someone you care a lot about.

OK, I know you're too busy today to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. But making something doesn't necessarily mean making something on a grand scale.

There really is a big emotional return from making something from scratch. Today could be the day to do it.