Sunday, 20 January 2013

Learn. And teach.

Six months on, and I'm still high on the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games, in particular the evocative music performed as 205 individual copper petals rose to form a flaming cauldron. That song was 'Caliban's Dream', written by Rick Smith of the band Underworld.

For a reminder, or maybe even your first listen, you'll find it on YouTube if you search for 'underworld caliban's dream', but essentially it's seven minutes of pure unadulterated uplifty positiveness and all-round general loveliness. (As you can maybe tell, I'm a fan.)

Now I'd not heard it on the radio for a long time, so was thrilled when it was played on a local station as I was driving recently. Or at least I would have been thrilled if two things hadn't somewhat spoilt it. The first (arguably slightly forgivably) was that it was cut short, with only about three minutes making it to the airwaves. The second, though, was the soulless way in which the presenter 'back-announced' it.

'Caliban's Dream, from Underworld,' was literally all he said. Nothing about where the music was from. Nothing about the memories it ought to re-ignite. Nothing to engage with the listener.

He missed a trick. How many people would have recognised the song? How many more would have enjoyed learning, or being reminded, about its spectacular London debut six months ago?

We all know stuff, but we all know different stuff. I bet there's knowledge you have that others would find fascinating. Equally, the people around you are certain to hold ideas and information which you'd love to hear about.

By ensuring that you're constantly learning, you're doing your bit to keep a healthy head. And by sharing your knowledge you're doing the same for others.

Local radio presenters, please note.