Sunday, 30 December 2012

Help get the word out?

How can we enable even more people to benefit from Moodscope? I think I know a way, and I believe you may be able to help.

During the past week I've been looking back to see what happened to people who started using Moodscope in January 2012. Their numbers suggest they really did rather well, ending the month with mood scores that were substantially higher than they were shortly after the new year began. If this could happen twelve months ago, it's likely that it could do so again in January 2013.

Most people instinctively recognise that January can be a tough month. Not surprisingly it accounts for some of the year's lowest mood scores. I think Moodscope can help, so we've produced a brief news release which we're keen to get into the hands of reporters, bloggers and broadcasters who may be happy to pass the story on to their readers, listeners and viewers. Suggesting that there's a way to beat the new year blues should be a story that people will really want to hear at this time of year.

Although we have a small list of media people to whom we'll send the news release, maybe you know someone we don't?

You'll be doing us a big favour if you'd think for just a minute about anyone you know who might appreciate hearing about Moodscope in order that they can in turn tell others about it. There's a PDF of the news release here:

Please either pass on the link itself, or feel free to download the document then email it as an attachment.

One of our big goals for Moodscope in 2013 is to substantially increase the number of people we're reaching, so thank you in advance for your help in achieving this. (Even if you don't think you have anyone to whom you can forward it, please take a look at the document - I'm sure you'll find it makes for interesting reading.)